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So Im taking a brief break while i wait for the printer to spool. My boss let me out of a mandatory all day meeting, I have not gone to bed before 4 any morning this week, I've beens stuck at work past 9 every night, sitting at my computer from 8 am onwards, sometimes not even getting up for the bathroom, and my projects have a SHITLOAD of stuff left to be completed on them.
My boss asked if she could write a note, since I've put in over 70 hours this week, to get me out of handing both projects in tomorrow. I told her it was sweet of her, but uneccessary.

I dont plan on sleeping tonight so I'll be blurry-eyed in the morning. On the plus side, Wes found my glasses that have been missing for almost a year last night. So I will be blurry, but still able to see!

I've attached the rendering I did completely in Illustrator. A first for me on the thing the tools rest on. I like it lots and lots. P.S. The craptastic packages are NOT mine... they were from an outside design firm.

Oh, and since I needed to stay awake all night, I watched Valley Girl for what I believe was the gazillionth time... Nicolas Cage's acting definitely deteriorated with the improvement of his teeth. No shit.

See you guys soon!


Nice Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign

Product: PCA
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney
Country: Australia
Creatives: David Nobay (Creative Director)
Steve Jackson (Copywriter)
VINCE LAGANA (Art Director)


In reference to class

a) This blog is the creation of two roommates who
rate burgers in multiple countries (including France...). It's an interesting collaboration.

b) i finally had my semester break down tonight and have been re-working my brochure since class ended. its now almost 3 a.m.
I want to cry, but i have laundry to fold before i go to bed, and a bristening (half bris, half christening) in the a.m.

later taters,


Interesting Mapping of Interwebs

I was 14 again last night

I haven't seen a musician stage dive once, much less 4 times in one show since 1993. I haven't seen kids crowd surf and TRY to hold each other up instead of trying to drop them, nor have I 'skanked' since 1996. I was 14 last night at Fishbone. Waiting in between sets, Wes and I sat on the floor, surrounded by teenagers with Liberty mohawks, while he played his GameBoy, and I commented on what everyone passing by was wearing.
I skanked. I pogoed. I headbanged to skeet-skaddle-dop-bop-dop.
And then at midnight we got tired and came home.

Blog Roll

So there are a ton of blogs I read regularly, but for the professional blogs, these are two I check out fairly often, mostly for their links off to other sites:

How Blog

and of course, for fun

Boing Boing

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