The House....

The link is still active at Trulia only... check it out!!


...and two years later

so we're still in Remington, and someone did die the night of that shooting... may he rest in piece.

On Thursday, September 24th, 2009, our offer on a house was accepted (first offer we made too!!) and we're getting the hell out of dodge... well, not so far out, but to Towson-area, a.k.a. Parkville, a.k.a. Hillendale. We're excited. It's a house that is big enough to entertain company, have overnight guests, even out-of-town company. The best thing is its a house we both love, and if the FHA agrees, it will be ours for as long as we want it. I don't even think we could outgrow it, since it currently has 3BR/1.5BA, and a whole floor that hasn't been finished, which could house a master suite with another bath, or another 2 BR. 
EEEEEeeee! Homeownership, here we come!!

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