Failed Thesis Proposals

As I gear up for thesis-time, I like to look at brilliant folks who had failed thesis proposals.


Awesome Portfolio Design Blog

NubbyTwiglet has the best advice I've seen anywhere on how to make your portfolio for designers.


The House....

The link is still active at Trulia only... check it out!!


...and two years later

so we're still in Remington, and someone did die the night of that shooting... may he rest in piece.

On Thursday, September 24th, 2009, our offer on a house was accepted (first offer we made too!!) and we're getting the hell out of dodge... well, not so far out, but to Towson-area, a.k.a. Parkville, a.k.a. Hillendale. We're excited. It's a house that is big enough to entertain company, have overnight guests, even out-of-town company. The best thing is its a house we both love, and if the FHA agrees, it will be ours for as long as we want it. I don't even think we could outgrow it, since it currently has 3BR/1.5BA, and a whole floor that hasn't been finished, which could house a master suite with another bath, or another 2 BR. 
EEEEEeeee! Homeownership, here we come!!


Remington Supercats Save Human Owners

So the shooting on our street tonight may not have resulted in a fatality, but it has kept me awake searching for any affordable apartment outside of our neighborhood. It's funny, cause Wes and I got engaged a couple of weeks ago (and before you ask, no bling yet - better than that, I got a smurf ring!!) and as soon as I heard the gun shot (as I was drifting off to sleep) I heard a car door slam and knew it was him (slamming the door, not firing a weapon).
I ran downstairs pretty quick, and met him at the door. Neither of us really knew what to do, what with not being petty criminals or murderers ourselves, but Wes' new guitar amp was still in his unlocked car. In the 4 minutes it took us to decide to go back down and get it (since no idiot is going to stick around after firing a weapon INTO someone), the rest of the neighborhood were all out on their stoops.
No cops yet, at 1:15 am.
2 minutes later the crime scene was taped off, the ambulance was loading the kid in, and people who had seen anything were all telling the police about it.
It's funny. When I moved here, I couldn't tell the difference between firecrackers and gunshots.
NOW I know the difference.
Now its time to move.


Neat Project - 1,000 Journal Project


The 1000 Journals Project is an ongoing collaborative experiment attempting to follow 1000 journals throughout their travels. The goal is to provide a method for interaction and shared creativity among friends and strangers.



So Im taking a brief break while i wait for the printer to spool. My boss let me out of a mandatory all day meeting, I have not gone to bed before 4 any morning this week, I've beens stuck at work past 9 every night, sitting at my computer from 8 am onwards, sometimes not even getting up for the bathroom, and my projects have a SHITLOAD of stuff left to be completed on them.
My boss asked if she could write a note, since I've put in over 70 hours this week, to get me out of handing both projects in tomorrow. I told her it was sweet of her, but uneccessary.

I dont plan on sleeping tonight so I'll be blurry-eyed in the morning. On the plus side, Wes found my glasses that have been missing for almost a year last night. So I will be blurry, but still able to see!

I've attached the rendering I did completely in Illustrator. A first for me on the thing the tools rest on. I like it lots and lots. P.S. The craptastic packages are NOT mine... they were from an outside design firm.

Oh, and since I needed to stay awake all night, I watched Valley Girl for what I believe was the gazillionth time... Nicolas Cage's acting definitely deteriorated with the improvement of his teeth. No shit.

See you guys soon!

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