So Im taking a brief break while i wait for the printer to spool. My boss let me out of a mandatory all day meeting, I have not gone to bed before 4 any morning this week, I've beens stuck at work past 9 every night, sitting at my computer from 8 am onwards, sometimes not even getting up for the bathroom, and my projects have a SHITLOAD of stuff left to be completed on them.
My boss asked if she could write a note, since I've put in over 70 hours this week, to get me out of handing both projects in tomorrow. I told her it was sweet of her, but uneccessary.

I dont plan on sleeping tonight so I'll be blurry-eyed in the morning. On the plus side, Wes found my glasses that have been missing for almost a year last night. So I will be blurry, but still able to see!

I've attached the rendering I did completely in Illustrator. A first for me on the thing the tools rest on. I like it lots and lots. P.S. The craptastic packages are NOT mine... they were from an outside design firm.

Oh, and since I needed to stay awake all night, I watched Valley Girl for what I believe was the gazillionth time... Nicolas Cage's acting definitely deteriorated with the improvement of his teeth. No shit.

See you guys soon!


Tess said...

Oh, that sounds hellish, Jill--my workweek was nuts too but it was nothing like that. Ay-yi-yi. Hang in there, only one more crazy late night.

Jared said...

Do you remember the T-shirt website that only takes vector art?

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