Remington Supercats Save Human Owners

So the shooting on our street tonight may not have resulted in a fatality, but it has kept me awake searching for any affordable apartment outside of our neighborhood. It's funny, cause Wes and I got engaged a couple of weeks ago (and before you ask, no bling yet - better than that, I got a smurf ring!!) and as soon as I heard the gun shot (as I was drifting off to sleep) I heard a car door slam and knew it was him (slamming the door, not firing a weapon).
I ran downstairs pretty quick, and met him at the door. Neither of us really knew what to do, what with not being petty criminals or murderers ourselves, but Wes' new guitar amp was still in his unlocked car. In the 4 minutes it took us to decide to go back down and get it (since no idiot is going to stick around after firing a weapon INTO someone), the rest of the neighborhood were all out on their stoops.
No cops yet, at 1:15 am.
2 minutes later the crime scene was taped off, the ambulance was loading the kid in, and people who had seen anything were all telling the police about it.
It's funny. When I moved here, I couldn't tell the difference between firecrackers and gunshots.
NOW I know the difference.
Now its time to move.


Neat Project - 1,000 Journal Project


The 1000 Journals Project is an ongoing collaborative experiment attempting to follow 1000 journals throughout their travels. The goal is to provide a method for interaction and shared creativity among friends and strangers.



So Im taking a brief break while i wait for the printer to spool. My boss let me out of a mandatory all day meeting, I have not gone to bed before 4 any morning this week, I've beens stuck at work past 9 every night, sitting at my computer from 8 am onwards, sometimes not even getting up for the bathroom, and my projects have a SHITLOAD of stuff left to be completed on them.
My boss asked if she could write a note, since I've put in over 70 hours this week, to get me out of handing both projects in tomorrow. I told her it was sweet of her, but uneccessary.

I dont plan on sleeping tonight so I'll be blurry-eyed in the morning. On the plus side, Wes found my glasses that have been missing for almost a year last night. So I will be blurry, but still able to see!

I've attached the rendering I did completely in Illustrator. A first for me on the thing the tools rest on. I like it lots and lots. P.S. The craptastic packages are NOT mine... they were from an outside design firm.

Oh, and since I needed to stay awake all night, I watched Valley Girl for what I believe was the gazillionth time... Nicolas Cage's acting definitely deteriorated with the improvement of his teeth. No shit.

See you guys soon!


Nice Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign

Product: PCA
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney
Country: Australia
Creatives: David Nobay (Creative Director)
Steve Jackson (Copywriter)
VINCE LAGANA (Art Director)


In reference to class

a) This blog is the creation of two roommates who
rate burgers in multiple countries (including France...). It's an interesting collaboration.

b) i finally had my semester break down tonight and have been re-working my brochure since class ended. its now almost 3 a.m.
I want to cry, but i have laundry to fold before i go to bed, and a bristening (half bris, half christening) in the a.m.

later taters,


Interesting Mapping of Interwebs

I was 14 again last night

I haven't seen a musician stage dive once, much less 4 times in one show since 1993. I haven't seen kids crowd surf and TRY to hold each other up instead of trying to drop them, nor have I 'skanked' since 1996. I was 14 last night at Fishbone. Waiting in between sets, Wes and I sat on the floor, surrounded by teenagers with Liberty mohawks, while he played his GameBoy, and I commented on what everyone passing by was wearing.
I skanked. I pogoed. I headbanged to skeet-skaddle-dop-bop-dop.
And then at midnight we got tired and came home.

Blog Roll

So there are a ton of blogs I read regularly, but for the professional blogs, these are two I check out fairly often, mostly for their links off to other sites:

How Blog

and of course, for fun

Boing Boing


i love my friends, but hate being a bridesmaid...

So we were given the option of any dress we wanted... with a few rules.
It HAD to be Sailor Blue,
It HAD to be Satin
& it HAD to be tea length.

Still cool... except this is the only non-strapless dress by 3 designers that fits all the requirements....

So as far as things I've been dying to share with the class, well, I'm coming up empty!
I have no filters, so its not like I've kept anything from y'all.
So now what?
I could bring in my 7-minute story telling audio from the Stoop Storytelling series, the article I wrote for the Jewish Times about the same misadventure, the rolling cube - which I think you've all now seen - or my cat. I love my cat.
But Jared is allergic, and I'm not really up for cat herding in the old bordello.

So any ideas?


For Erin:


Speaking of Ronco...

RonCo, the brainchild of Ron “Ronco” Popeil, is one of America’s unique inventors.
Over the past 40 years, his products have pulled in more than $2 billion in sales, and been mocked by some of my favorite comedians!
Fun aside, the homework assignment was to bring instructions that had unnecessary steps. I've turned the text I have deemed unnecessary red. The scary thing is while reading through it, I realized there are TONS of people out there who NEED to have these instructions written out. Now I wonder what level of intelligence our audience should have!

Showtime™ Compact Rotisserie & BBQ Oven

IMPORTANT: “Set It and Forget It” only after all instructional materials (written
And video) have been carefully followed.

Make sure food safely rotates without touching the heating element.


When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be
Taken, including the following:

These 2 items: Grate Cover and Drip Tray must always be in place when
using your Rotisserie

  1. Very important: Read all instructions and watch instructional video before using the machine.
  2. To protect against electrical hazards, do not immerse cord, plug or appliance itself in water or other liquids.
  3. Do not touch hot surfaces. (NOTE: Glass door, top, back and sides of the rotisserie, as well as the 3-Piece Food Steamer, Drip Tray, Grate Cover and Heating Element all get very hot during use and retain heat after use – even when glass door is positioned underneath the unit) Always use adequate oven mitts or gloves when handling these hot surfaces and when checking hot foods.
  4. Close supervision is necessary when appliance is used by or near children.
  5. Unplug rotisserie from outlet when not in use, and allow unit to cool thoroughly before putting on or taking off parts, such as the Drip Tray and Grate Cover before cleaning.
  6. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug after the appliance malfunctions or is dropped or damaged in any manner. Return the appliance to Popeil Inventions, Inc. for examination, repair, electrical or mechanical adjustment.
  7. Turn off and unplug the rotisserie if you smell or see smoke or fire. After it has cooled down, make adjustments so nothing touches the heating element as the food rotates. Do not open the glass door until it has cooled down. This is an electrical appliance, never put water in it, or on it, to cool it down or stop it from smoking.
  8. Do not use any attachments or anything that is not recommended by Popeil Inventions, Inc. The use of such items may be hazardous.
  9. Do not use outdoors.
  10. Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter or touch hot surfaces.
  11. Do not place appliance on or near a hot gas or electric burner, in a heated oven or near easily flammable material.
  12. Use only on a stable, heat-resistant surface and place unit at least 8” (inches) from walls and at least 8” (inches) clear above unit.
  13. To disconnect, turn machine Timer to “OFF” position, then grip plug and pull from wall outlet. Do not pull on cord.
  14. Always unplug the oven before attempting to move it. Never move the unit when it contains hot oil, liquids or hot foods.
  15. Use extreme caution when working near the hot pieces and the Heating Element after using rotisserie as these parts become (and remain) very hot. Also use maximum care when removing DripTray or disposing of hot grease or other hot liquids.
  16. When using the Rotisserie Baskets, be sure no small bones or other food can fall between or extend beyond the wires and catch on the Grate Cover or Heating Element or anything else during rotation. It is important to check while cooking. If the food is still not tight, stop the machine and carefully take out the basket and tighten the lid.
  17. Do not clean with a metal scouring pad. Pieces can break off the pad and touch electrical parts, creating a risk of electrical shock. In addition, scouring pads may damage rotisserie finish.
  18. Do not use appliance for other than its intended use.
  19. Oversized foods or metal utensils must not be inserted in the appliance as they may create a fire or risk of electrical shock.
  20. Front, back, top, bottom and side surfaces become very hot. Do not allow contact with any objects other than Steaming/Heating Tray in its proper operating position. A fire may occur if the rotisserie is covered or touching flammable material, including curtain, draperies, walls, and the like, when in operation.
  21. Do not place, or store, any objects or material other than food and manufacturer’s recommended accessories in the rotisserie.
  22. Unplug unit before changing/replacing the interior light bulb (25-watt small appliance bulb).
  23. Polarized Electrical Plug: To reduce the hazard of potential shock, this item has a polarized plug (one prong is wider then the other), which will fit only one way in a polarized outlet. If the plug does not fit the outlet properly, turn the plug the other way; if it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician for assistance. Never use this plug with an extension cord unless it fits properly. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DEFEAT THIS SAFETY FEATURE
  24. SHORT CORD INSTRUCIONS: A short cord is provided to reduce the risks of becoming tangled in or tripping over a longer cord. Extension cords may be used if care is exercised in their use and the wattage rating is at least as great as the wattage stamped on the back of the appliance. If an extension cord is used, it should be arranged so that it will not drape over the counter or tabletop where it can be reach by children or tripped over accidentally.



Please Don’t Take “Set It and Forget It” Literally

Always use caution by checking your Rotisserie from time to time.
It is highly unlikely, but if you should see or smell smoke it’s because the food is rubbing against the hot Heating element. This indicates that the meat or poultry is too big or it wasn’t tied properly – or the food is off-center (lopsided) on the spit rods. If this occurs. Turn off and unplug your machine. Do not open the glass door. Let it cool down.

Trim any excess fat or mat, retie your food tightly and be sure the food is centered on the spit rods so it always rotates without touching the heating element.

Grease Flickers? Foods with high fat content can produce a small flicker of flame as fat spatters off the heating element. This is normal. However, if you see smoke or fire, turn off and unplug the machine and let it cool off. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR until it has cooled down. Never put water on the Rotisserie. After it has cooled, check to see if the food has touched the heating element.

Never cook food larger than recommended in the booklet for your model of Showtime™ Rotisserie.


Advice and Suggestions Welcome

I finally found a legit place to post this homework assignment so I could link to it from here.
So if anyone wants to check out the (hopefully) completed version of this assignment, and give me feedback, I would really appreciate it!


Just in time to be absolutely useless


Defining Being the Only Person in the Universe with Free Will

I know, I know, I'm on a Vonnegut-kick, but who can blame me.
So Kilgore Trout is the fictional alter-ego of Vonnegut who appears throughout Vonnegut's works. The quote below is from a fictional book within the novel Breakfast of Champions, called Now It Can Be Told.
Now It Can Be Told was written in the form of a letter from the Creator of the Universe (who is Kilgore Trout, when you consider the Universe to be that which he fictionally creates through his fictional writing, science-fiction to be precise) to the only creature in the Universe with Free Will. What follows is the introduction of the book, which drove one of Vonnegut's other characters (other than Trout) insane, as he believed the letter was intended solely for him.
Anywho, What iit's like to be the only creature in the universe with free will:

"Dear sir, poor sir, brave sir: You are an experiment by the Creator of the Universe. You are the only creature in the entire Universe who has free will. You are the only one who has to figure out what to do next--and why. Everybody else is a robot, a machine.
"Some persons seem to like you, and others seem to hate you, and you must wonder why. They are simply liking machines and hating machines.
"You are pooped and demoralized. Why wouldn't you be? Of course it's exhausting, having to reason every time in a universe which wasn't meant to be reasonable.
"You are surrounded by loving machines, hating machines, greedy machines, unselfish machines, brave machines, cowardly machines, truthful machines, lying machines, funny machines, solemn machines. Their only purpose is to stir you up in every conceivable way, so the Creator of the Universe can watch your reactions. They can no more feel or reason than grandfather clocks.
"The Creator of the Universe would now like to apologize not only for the capricious, jostling companionship he provided during the test, but for the trashy, stinking condition of the planet itself. The Creator programmed robots to abuse it for millions of years, so it would be a poisonous, festering cheese when you got here. Also, He made sure it would be desperately crowded by programming robots, regardless of their living conditions, to crave sexual intercourse and adore infants more than almost anything.
"He also programmed robots to write books and magazines and newspapers for you, and television and radio shows, and stage shows, and films. They wrote songs for you. The Creator of the Universe had them invent hundreds of religions, so you would have plenty to choose among. He had them kill each other by the millions, for this purpose only: that you be amazed. They had commited every possible atrocity and every possible kindness unfeelingly, automatically, inevitably, to get a reaction from Y-O-U."
This last word was set in extra-large type and had a line all to itself, so it looked like this:
Y - O - U
"Every time you went into the library, the Creator of the Universe held His breath. With such a higgledy-piggledy cultural smorgasbord before you, what would you, with your free will, choose?
"Your parents were fighting machines and self-pitying machines. Your mother was programmed to bawl out your father for being a defective money-making machine, and your father was programmed to bawl her out for being a defective housekeeping machine. They were programmed to bawl each other out for being defective loving machines.
"Then your father was programmed to stomp out of the house and slam the door. This automatically turned your mother into a weeping machine. And your father would go down to a tavern where he would get drunk with some other drinking machines. Then all the drinking machines would go to a whorehouse and rent fucking machines. And then your father would drag himself home to become an apologizing machine. And your mother would become a very slow forgiving machine."


Just a quick sneak peek as I finish laying down audio. Now I think I have to break for dinner. See you tomorrow... oops, today!


How I Found Him.... and other writers

I found this version of Breakfast of Champions while wandering the boardwalk alone for the first time. I was 13, my sister had made me cry for the 5th time that morning, and my allowance of $10 was burning a hole in my pocket.
I was sneaking cigarettes and approaching the crazy art place, when I spotted a 3 ft. wide doorway lined with books. It looked to go back for miles, this visage of books. As I had just completed both my latest V.C. Andrews and Stephen King books, I was left with nothing new to read, and hence, I wandered in.
I leafed through a couple of titles I'd heard of – War & Peace for 75 cents, Kafka's The Stranger for a quarter – when my eye was caught by the look of a cereal box, limply pressed between gargantuan novels of no importance. The sea air was unkind to paperbacks, but I pulled Breakfast of Champions out in one piece. I scanned the back, flipped open to Vonnegut's drawing of an asshole (*), and my life was changed.
I continued to find amazing books, chosen for their covers, like Still Life with Woodpecker, which looked like a pack of Camels. That introduced me to Tom Robbins, who I hold up with Vonnegut as one of the greatest authors of our time.

To my hero


Finally Finished... and just in time for Peeping Tom!

My very own Weekly World News inspired cover! And a REAL Weekly World News cover....
I know I'm biased, but I like mine!

Yeah... I may be a little loopy tomorrow (like that's new!) since I am seeing Peeping Tom tonight at RamsHead Live! This is the first event I've gone to on a Friday night since school started!

Visual Narratives

I need a break from the other homework, so here it is...
Looking around, I realized that visual narration is dependent on our interpretation of iconography. Looking at this Buddha teaching 5 disciples,only tells a story if you can recognize Buddha, and understand the disciples are happily in a subservient position to Buddha, they are not being forced to praise some man-g-d.

If you include language, it still has to be understood by the audience. The image below is only funny if you recognize the context, and what these abbreviations mean... I'm pretty sure you all know by now that BRB is "Be right back" and LOL is "Laugh out loud", but my mom wouldn't!
P.S. I am sorry if this offends anyone.

These single images tell a much bigger story than the moment they depict, but only if you're in on the context. I was telling Wes about the afikomen at seder the other night while watching The Daily Show, because Jon Stewart made a joke about it, and then said "I just made 15 Jews happy." Being out of the loop makes trying to understand the narrative like listening to Dennis Miller on speed.

Even a renowned icon, such as The Cat in the Hat can be lost when it's in a language that few people know:

As mentioned in class, children's stories are the hardest to write and illustrate. But since they rely on illustration for those not yet able to read, their visual narration has to be clear so the reader or viewer can figure out the story for themselves. Shel Silverstein's story, The Missing Piece, is an excellent example of this.


Narration/Call to Action from Asylum Street Spankers

This may be risqué for some....


Family Holidays

I feel I may need to attach a flow chart later to explain this, but I hate, hate, HATE family holidays. I wasn't a big fan when my parents were still married, but since they've gotten divorced, and remarried/re-partnered, every frickin' holiday has the same divisive tendencies.... and now its gotten worse. I always have to divide one-day holidays into two drop-ins... one visit to my mom's side, one to my dad's... never eating, always getting to one before dinner, and one after dessert...
My father, since his non-Jewish step-family wasn't invited to his mother's Passover Seder, has boycotted, creating an additional option in my already convoluted holiday planning. He is having his own seder, despite the non-Jewish step-family not having an interest in attending. So it will be my step-monster, my dad, their next door neighbors who are Jewish and have a 6 year old and a 6 month old, my non-Jewish boyfriend, and me (who is now thinking of becoming less than a secular Jew, and creating a non-holiday having religion... Jillism, perhaps... no holidays, one law - don't harm others).
I have not actually eaten at a holiday dinner in 10 years, and this is shaping up to be the same.
So Passover being a 2-night holiday, you would think it would work out? Not anymore... thanks dad.
P.S. The end result is 1st night = dad's for seder, dad's extended family for yeast-free desserts 2nd night = mom's best friends for seder, mom's other friend's for yeast-free desserts...
P.P.S. The boyfriend's step-mom is Jewish, and despite no invite this year, I have a feeling we may be at their seder next year.
See y'all on Saturday... my last brief moments of no family. Ahhh. Oh, and don't forget your scissors!!


Holy Cow! I'm going to the Colbert Report!!!

I just took the day off of work, and I can't believe I'm going to get to be in the audience!!! Wow! I've actually never been an audience member... My dad has. Every time my brother works on a new show, my dad flies out to L.A. and sits in the audience, even when he isn't interested in the shows content. To date, that I know of, my father has participated on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, G4's Attack of the Show, a series of shows from QTN, a now defunct LGBT network, and possibly In Living Color, although again, I'm unsure about that one.
Regardless, I have to inform my three cohorts for our ridiculously awesome trip to NYC thats approaching. I wanted to post it here first... Woohoo!!!


Did anyone else have a bad dream?

Since I didn't have to wake up for class today, I totally slept in, but at 10:00 woke up from a nightmare where my iMovie was supposed to be posted to some server and completed by today!
Yikes! Needless to say, it has led me to spend today going over revisions and whatnot.
Hope you all are enjoying your spring break day too!


Before I forget...

Im archiving past PR Kits I've designed, and I came across the Rolling Cube dieline, which I had promised to post.
Just a warning, it's HUGE! If anyone would like it as an eps, email me.
And here is the link to see it in action: Structural Graphics


Sick Kitty

Anyone know of a good Vet in the city? I usually go to Mt. Washington Animal Hospital (NOT Falls Rd. - not after the one $750 night my last cat spent there, which nearly killed him!), and a friend just recommended Aardmore, but I figured since you are all cat folk (except Jared) someone may have a suggestion.



After the fact, as always, I stumbled upon an excellent source of words on the web. World Wide Words provides the origin of certain phrases we all use, like "fell swoop". Check out the weird words section. That could have provided some excellent additions to our favorite words lists.

Watch the Battle to the Death!

Who will win in the battle of the millenium?
Helvetica vs. Arial

More interesting typography

So maybe it isn't gorgeous, but as a born and bred Smalltimoron, I love to see my city exemplified in any manner! Especially when that is one of the lovely items Charm City is renowned for, like the beautiful marble steps, instead of the urban decay!

Interesting Typography

I love how the text demonstrates the message, and the break of the
baseline on some of the characters. Veddy interesting...
This was attached to a very risque ad, so I didn't attach it, but I did link it.


A Call To Action, Through Minimal Action

I wish I had seen this before I decided on my SPCA campaign...

Click Here for Details

Adderall is wearing off...

so i took this online test... and, well, duh!

I am nerdier than 57% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

In Homage to Emily

While I've included some invented words in my favorite words list below, I forgot the most recent addition to the lexicon of jill.

In response to all the Jewish stuff Wes has been forced into since we began dating, he developed a musical niche which I assured him, has not been filled.
The world is lacking a Jewish Black Metal band. My suggestion for song names have ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime, but my favorite two are:
Descent from Abraham
& (the one this post was originally about... I hope I haven't built it up)
Dammit. I just googled the term to see if it had been used, and not only is it ubiquitous, but it is also used in the same context as I wanted to.
Ah well.

Words, words, words are just that, if you say them JUST that way

I can't find the spoken word artist online who said the line that is now the title of my blog post, but that line has stuck with me since I was 14. At that same awkward age, I participated in a spelling bee at school. I waited and whittled through the competition of my 128 classmates, eventually placing second after misspelling vacuum (I went with 2 c's over 2 u's). I was a bibliophile even back then, which is the only factor that could account for my runner-up-man-ship, as the only word I practiced repeatedly was (thank you for reminding me Jared) antidisestablishmentarianism. I had daydreams of winning the spelling bee with that humonstrous term, affirming my scholastic value among the classmates who knew me best for burgundy hair and the unequivocal certainty that I would not arrive prepared for class...EVER. So, my study habits have changed a bit, sadly, I still tend to procrastinate, but not as badly.
Ooh, that rhymed.
So the reason this falls in line with the Show and Tell, is I've italicized some words I love.
Obvious, no?
Oh, some off the top of my head: languid, cellar, grocery, feline, occasionally, chutzpah, accoutrement (pronounced "accoutremond"), amuck, archetype, serendipity (which I often replace with the yiddish be'shert or 'blessed') synchronicity, ubiquitous, transmogrifier, and umm.


While Searching for a free Haggadah

I came across this GREAT cartoon. I Heart Vegans, and am, like many Jews, lactose intolerant, so this appeals to me. Plus, I found it on a secular Jewish website, jewschool.com, which is almost as cool as the place I found an inflatable Matzoh Ball.
Sucks that I have 4 seders to attend in only two nights this year...
Why can't my family just get along? Then again, ma nishtanah, why is this night different from any other night?


Business Speak Words/Phrases I HATE (in honor of this week's assignment)

"Some businesspeople use 50-cent words to make a 5-cent point because they think plain language makes them look less intelligent. That's why we say things like 'initiate project action plan' instead of 'let's get started,'?" - Jon Warshawsky, co-author of Why Business People Speak Like Idiots.

Moving Forward

Push Back
First Final (if it's not a FINAL FINAL...)
Final Final
Input (only when used in place of criticism)
Paradigm (when tossed in to a sentence needlessly)
Bench Marking
Best Practice
Restructuring (that meant layoffs of over 3000 people last quarter)
Download (as in "Give me the download from your meeting" which actually means, 'Tell me what you talked about in the meeting')
Leverage (instead of USE)
Action Item
Had to come back and add one I just overheard - Blackanddeckerized.


The Contents of My Freezer

Im sorry to do this, but being a huge Daily Show/Colbert Report nut, I had been craving the moment when Stephen Colbert's new flavor, Americone Dream was released by Ben & Jerry's (mentioned in a previous post). Not only did Wes return from the grocery with the last 4 pints of Americone Dream, but also the Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick as seen on the Daily Show. Yes, the ice cream will most likely never be eaten by me, and yes, the Pancakes and Sausage are delicious stomach-churning monstrosities, but the motivation and thought behind this act of generosity is just astounding to me. I shouldn't be surprised though, as this IS the man who left his holiday party at the Science Center to get me Astronaut Ice Cream and a Penguin purse!
I am such a fan girl.


Synonyms: assort, class, classify, group, identify, peg*, pigeonhole*, rank out, tab, typecast

This article creates names for categories that needed them: Inner Fatties and Inner Skinnies. Not only did this clearly define "Inner Fatty", it also gave us sample celebrities who fit these categories (to help us identify), made lists of common characteristics in the two categories, and finally divided real celebrities, fictional celebrities, political figures, cartoons, companies and products into the Inner Fatty and Inner Skinny Halls of Fame. Don't worry. I'll bring this to class for y'all to peruse on Saturday. It's pretty cool.

This categorization just defines the objects and attitudes one must have to fit into this one class of hipster. Not on par with our assignment, but still interesting.

Not something I'd normally learn about, but this dissected who designs what for whom in hollywood for the awards circuit. I guess you're supposed to be able to tell what the actor is looking to portray on the red carpet based on which overpriced designer outfit she borrows for the evening.
(Did I mention I'm grumpy today?)

Just some things that caught my eye.... thats all.


I just found these

I found these today, while sorting through my stored files at work. I think they are a hoot. I hope you aren't easily offended!


Move On Rocks

I just had to put this up. It came into my work email from Adrants Daily.


Behavior and Consequence - Brazilian Style

This is from a series called Behavior & Consequence... If I could translate the words, I could tell you the specific meaning, but thankfully, through the use of illustration, the meaning is made apparent.


Call to Action

Disease prevention was one of the topics I was considering for this assignment. I've been scrolling through page after page of preventive diseases, and despite being a smoker, it amazes me how little effort one really needs to make in order to avoid a number of life-altering, life-threatening and just really gross diseases! I am assumed to carry the genetic predisposition for breast cancer. My mom has had it twice (even AFTER a bilateral mastectomy, so yes, you do need to keep getting examined), both of my grandmothers, my aunt died from it, several cousins...you get the picture. Many many many many dead relatives, and a few survivors.
But now we know we could get tested and find out if we do have the gene that ensures our disease-carrying skills (between that, and my dad's wonderful genetic handout of being highly cystic - i got MAD SKILLZ), not that it is a remedy, just an early warning.
But there are other diseases that can be prevented, and the following ad provides a call to action to lead a healthier life, visit their website, and not die. Brought to you by the trifeckta of common diseases: Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes:

Don't Be A Dummy

So years ago I remember watching the Smurfs, Snorks and Ewoks on Saturday morning cartoons. They are all images embedded for life in my brain. What I didn't realize until I went looking for Cause/Effect campaigns with a call to action, is that those Saturday morning cartoons were rife with public service announcements that were equally memorable! Who (born before 1985) can forget the "You could learn a lot from a dummy" ads featuring Vince and Larry, the walking and talking crash test dummies who never wore their seatbelts?

Turns out, they have only recently retired, after a long and prosperous career martyring themselves for our safety, selling toys whose main purpose is to crash, and gaining an interactive website. Now, the ad council has gotten more blatant in their message. Removing the candy-coated images and getting right to the point:


Lactose-Intolerance Be Damned!!! THIS is a flavor I will eat!

Ben and Jerry's Introduces New Ice Cream Flavor 'Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream'

NEW YORK — Stephen Colbert may have no taste for the truth, but he does have a sweet tooth.

Ben & Jerry's has named a new ice cream in honor of the comedian: "Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream." It's vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and caramel. Announcing the new flavor Wednesday, Ben & Jerry's called it: "The sweet taste of liberty in your mouth."

The Vermont-based ice-cream maker is known for naming its flavors after people such as Jerry Garcia, Wavy Gravy and the band Phish — which Colbert sees as a political bias.

"I'm not afraid to say it. Dessert has a well-known liberal agenda," Colbert said in a statement. "What I hope to do with this ice cream is bring some balance back to the freezer case."

Colbert, who spoofs flag-waving conservative pundits on his Comedy Central show, "The Colbert Report," is donating his proceeds to charity through the new Stephen Colbert Americone Dream Fund, which will distribute the money to various causes.


Visual Description

This is just a joke, but pie charts do an excellent job of describing situations, percentages, etc. in a visual manner.
So do bar graphs, flow charts, etc.
These two just made me giggle...

An Icy Day in Remington for a Nice Description

Overlooking Baltimore's beautiful Inner Harbor and ideally located between Little Italy and Fells Point, Spinnaker Bay is the centerpiece of the new Harbor East. Professionally managed by Bozzuto, this brand new residence features 315 premium apartment homes designed and appointed with the tremendous care for which Bozzuto is known across the region. At Spinnaker Bay, we've taken the time to perfect the balance of waterside tranquility and city excitement.

I am on a constant hunt for the perfect apartment/residence to own. I used to work in the real estate section of a weekly newspaper that also published a monthly lifestyle magazine. I was in charge of real estate ads for both, so this fed my addiction to real estate. Thus, it is with a great deal of false bravado and professionalism that I make the claim that compared to most descriptions of apartments and homes in Baltimore, this ad really gives more detail and a sense of what Bozzuto wants Spinnaker Bay to represent.

The feeling this text creates alongside the calm and clean colors, the pleasant curves and the clean images, is one of upscale city living in a safe and relaxing environment. I probably will never personally experience this pristine residential dream, nor would I pay $1500 monthly for a 1 bedroom to try, but this sure makes me wish I could experience their Baltimore...


Killer Comparison

Pretty cute idea, comparing Hitachi's Killer Offers to reknowned movie assasins/homicidal maniacs.

I have to stop looking at marketing websites NOW.

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